Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beginning of the Bagel


My name is Amanda and I will be studying in Vienna this semester! I CANNOT wait! I go to school at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington is a wonderful place that I will miss very much! The heat, the people, the parties, the classes (yes I like those), This fall will be quite different than any other fall I have had. One of the local businesses that I will sorely miss in the Bloomington Bagel Company. This local bagel boiler tantalizes my tummy just about every other week and gave me the inspiration for this blog. They have a deal that if you take a picture on your travels with a one of their bagels and bring it in, they will give you a dozen bagels for free. I have procured one of these bagels and plan to travel with it throughout the semester. I wanted to bring my favorite, the asiago cheese, but decided that the plain would be a classic and more durable choice for the adventures that it would have!

Hopefully you will not mind reading about my adventures with the bagel. I thought that it would give a bit of a twist the average travel blog.

The storefront.
The Beginning:

Today was my last day in my Hometown of Erie, PA, so I figured that the bagel should have a preliminary picture overlooking the lake and the sunset! ( That is our convention center that is shaped like a boat!!)

The bagel at sunset. 

It will travel with me in a sealed ziploc bag with some silica packets to ensure it is a dry environment. (pictures to come)

I leave in the morning at 9:30 AM to travel from Buffalo to JFK to Heathrow to Vienna!

I hope to have some updates about my travels when I get settled in Vienna!

Auf wiedersehen,

Amanda and bagel

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  1. Amanda, that bagel is going to get moldy.

    Love, Signe