Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Return of the Bagel!!!

                So I have been pretty terrible at updating and I have a ton to catch up on! So I think I will give you a tour of photos with some explanation and then continue with fun moments as I continue to blog! Thank you for your patience and sorry I haven’t been very good at keeping this up! 

Bagmanda in Mariazell.This is where we ate meals while we were at our hostel!
Mariazell is where we had our orientation. It felt like camp but it was great. Before we left we we congregated at the train station and then headed out to this beautiful country!

Jeremy with the bagel waiting for the bus!! 
Jay and I modeling the bagel at the rest stop on the way to Mariazell!
So, after this shot was taken I misplaced my camera (which is now safely in my backpack). The rest of the pictures are complements of Jeremy and Siena. Mariazell is about 3 hours south of Vienna. It is a beautiful town that is famous for its Mary. There are hundreds of Pilgrims who walk or bus up to Mariazell to pray to this Madonna to ask for her help! We went into the town on the second day that we were there. It is famous for schnapps, pilgrimages, gingerbread, and nativity scenes!  Part of the time was spent on a tour to the church where we saw the beautiful Madonna and the Gothic style church that is decorated with Baroque adornments. As Dr. O would say: "Like gingerbread icing!!!" We went to the Mariazell museum and learned about the tradition of Nativity scenes. They are the most amazing creations. seriously. This photo below me is only half of the actual scene!!!
The largest nativity is Mariazell (and possibly Austria!)
The rest of the weekend was filled with meetings, a pseudo camp atmosphere and general anxiousness to get to the apartment and really get started in on living in Austria!!!

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